National Waffle Week

National Waffle Week – I almost missed out on this unofficial national holiday week, never knew it existed until yesterday when I saw it on twitter. 

Exactly, how does one celebrate National Waffle Week? The best way, I suppose is to eat waffles. Nothing better than breakfast for dinner.  As children, my sisters and I loved when our Mom let us have breakfast for dinner.  It seemed like such a special treat, we felt like we were being decadent and getting away with something. Now, as an adult I realize although Mom was indulging us sometimes it is just easier to make breakfast for dinner.  
Waffles have become somewhat of an art form in my house  since we started hosting our annual New Year’s Day brunch which obviously features waffles with fillings, toppings, and syrup of your choice; eggs any style, bacon, sausage and gravy, grits, biscuits, fruit and assorted beverages. After the second annual New Year’s Day brunch, I went out and bought a Waring Pro Double Belgian Maker.   Love it; big hit when there are 20 plus children and adults gathered in our dining room and kitchen clamoring for breakfast.   The enticing smell of plain waffles, waffles with chocolate chips, waffles with blueberries, waffles with strawberries, wafts through the kitchen and dining room as requests for waffles are called out to me and my other half by our family and friends. 
After looking around the Internet it appears that National Waffle Week is not celebrated by IHop or Denny’s but is by Waffle House. I looked to see if perhaps waffle irons were on sale to celebrate National Waffle Week; couldn’t find any National Waffle Week sales although the Waring Pro Double Belgian Maker is on sale for the same price that I purchased mine at. Even though I want to get one as a Christmas present for one of my sisters, I will wait. 
So as it turns out, eating waffles does seem the most obvious way to celebrate. I only have until tomorrow to observe this unofficial national holiday week;  think I will be eating waffles for breakfast and dinner tomorrow as I have to catch up on my celebrating. I put a reminder in my Outlook calendar to invite our friends and family to a National Waffle Week Breakfast for Dinner party next September.

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