Blog Closed Due to Blizzard Conditions

Snow Bushes2It has been over a month since I posted anything original here on WordPress.  In hindsight, I should have posted this picture on my blog during the month of February.

Here in the northeastern United States, the Boston area in particular, snow pretty much cancelled  everything for the month of February.  With snow days 8 or 9 depending on the school system (definitely a record amount for the short month of February) plus February vacation our children spent more days out of school than they did in school during late January and February. Businesses closed, there were several days where the state declared a state of emergency prohibiting travel for non-essential purposes.

The snow did draw out the creativity of snow bound northerners including educators issuing school cancellation notices.   This video from the principal of Moses Brown in Rhode Island is definitely my favorite.


A local police department ran a photo contest called the Methuen Snowpocolypse 2015. The winning photo was posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Admittedly for me, the snow events as meteorologists began calling the seemingly endless chain of blizzards and storms drew out not my creativity but my propensity for procrastination. I went into basic hibernation mode. I had a job interview at the start of the first snow event of the series aka a blizzard and after returning home I went into an endless cycle of napping, movie watching and cooking.  In between snow events I along with the rest of New England raced to the local grocery store for eggs, bread and milk and other snow survival supplies, which can range from chocolate and ice cream to water, batteries and flashlights.

I did write some and have several partially written posts to show for my efforts, which were minimal at best.  In my defense who would feel like venturing out to a cafe, library or other provider of free wifi to post to their blog when the end of their driveway looked like this.

IMG_0370I am hoping March even if it brings with it more snow will find me posting to my blog at least once per week. Truth be told, I am hoping for at least one more blizzard. We are within inches of breaking the record in Boston for the most snowfall in one season and the competitor in me wants to break the record.  Just Saying.

Here are some pictures of the snow accumulating around my house.



One of the measures of how much snow has accumulated is the van parked in front of the garage.  It will definitely be Spring/Summer before that thing sees the open roads again. 














In between snow events and apparently because there wasn’t enough snow in either of our back yards (that and a birthday party) we took the girls to a local ski hill for some sledding.



And the next day and the days that followed it snowed again and again.











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