Follow Friday – Sarcasm Spoken Here


Last week was an annoying week for no major reasons other than that the intrinsic failings of people and technology collided together to annoy the bejesus out of me. A perfect storm, if you will. Frustrated, I sat in front of my laptop to tackle what can be a simple task – selecting the blog or blogs I wanted to feature in my weekly (well supposed to be weekly) Follow Friday post. I intended to select a blog that featured posts on blogging tips. However, when I opened up my WordPress reader I was led to someone who speaks my language – no not Orkan or even English but sarcasm.

Rcooley123’s Blog had re-blogged a post from Aimee Patton entitled KY clerk not issuing same sex marriage licenses on “God’s Authority” – God says leave me out of this.  How could I not read the post? This blogger definitely speaks sarcasm as a first language and it works.  In fact it works so well, I am encouraged.  Perhaps, I do not have to reign in my sarcasm after all.  In this post, I love the opening line: “Holy Same Sex Marriage Drama Sister!” and nearly every sarcastic word that follows.

The tagline for Aimee’s blog is “A pleasantly eccentric take on politics.”  Pleasantly eccentric is code for sarcastic and Aimee offers her sarcastic pleasantly eccentric take on politics, pop culture and life in general.  A few of the posts I enjoyed were:

Perfect time for a vaca when KS announces $50 million in budget cuts

Santorum’s twitter intern…you goofed.

My thoughts on PR nightmares, Rick Santorum and the Kardashians    

In addition to WordPress, Aimee and Pleasantly Eccentric can be found on Facebook and Twitter.   

As I thought about this week’s Follow Friday post, I knew I had two options either finish last week’s post or start over.  While I was mulling this over (read procrastinating) I received a sign from the blogging gods that I should continue on with bloggers that speak sarcasm fluently.  I had popped out to do a few errands.  Is it procrastinating if you are doing things that need to be done; just not necessarily right then?  Anyway behind me in line was a man with a t-shirt that read “I’m allergic to stupidity.  I break out in sarcasm.”  I told him I loved his shirt and that I too speak sarcasm as a first language.  We shared a few sarcastic laughs as others rolled their eyes, not understanding our  language.

When I returned home to my WordPress reader I typed in sarcasm and found others who speak my language.  I discovered the blog of a fellow Writing 101er, The AnonymouStalker.  I love the mystery of not knowing who the blogger is or anything much about him or her.  And, of course I love the language spoken – witty, funny and sarcastic.

Some of the posts I enjoyed are:

Steps to Procrastinate, which I almost didn’t read for fear that it would be too close to what I was working on for my Writing 101 prompt response.  Ultimately, I couldn’t help but reading it.

The Annoying List


Tuesday Twitter Verse:Almost

I hope you enjoy the wit and sarcasm in both of this week’s featured blogs as much as I do.

Until next Friday.

Image courtesy of gratisography and edited with PicMonkey.


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