Monday Motivations – Michael Jordan


This week’s Monday motivation comes from basketball legend Michael Jordan.  Jordan encourages an individual to keep trying, take the shot, miss the shot.  You can’t make the shot, you can’t succeed without trying and there are bound to be some losses and defeats along the way.  But, like MJ we need to rebound from the loss and try again.


As writers, we must write crappy first drafts, suffer through writing exercises and free writing to uncover the writing that works.  To reveal the story inside us waiting to be told we must write other stories every day.  We must write and not care if it misses the mark. All we must care about is trying.  Success in writing the story will only follow once we make consistent and repetitive attempts.

This week, I am going to let Michael Jordan’s quote motivate me to write as many crappy first drafts as possible.

What will your motivation be this week?

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