Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Hamilton Wright Mabie

Christmas is definitely a time of year where people seem just a little nicer.  Kindness abounds as people plan surprises for those they love and acts of kindness for those they do not know personally.

I just left an event where two dozen women had gathered to wrap Christmas presents that they had collectively purchased for families living in a local homeless shelter.  At one point the topic of discussion wasn’t about how wonderful we all are for playing Santa for families in need, but how we could do more.  What else we wanted to do as individuals and as a group.  Hamilton Wright Mabie just may have been correct in calling this time of year as a blessed time because it encourages “a conspiracy of love” in all of us.

About Hamilton Wright Mabie

Born: 1846, Cold Spring, New York

Death: 1916,

Occupation: Essayist, editor, critic, and lecturer

Spouse: Jeanette Trivett (m. 1876)

For additional information on Hamilton Wright Mabie visit his Wikipedia page or his Goodreads page.

Image of author is part of public domain.

Thanks to Colleen over at Silver Threading for facilitating this weekly community event.


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